Why Organic?

Because it has extraordinary taste, natural color and aroma.

The main difference between the two basic types of farming conventional and organic is precisely in quantity and quality of the product.

Conventional agriculture provides greater quantity but significantly less nutrition, while organic production is strictly controlled and provides a smaller amount of significantly healthier products.

Organic production follows strict rules. Only natural fertilizers and natural herbicides are used. Such production is more biologically more complex than conventional, but it has incomparably greater advantages for health and the environment.

  • They are richer in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other biologically active substances,
  • They do not contain residues of pesticides, heavy metals,
  • They have a lower content of nitrates and nitrites,
  • They do not contain synthetic additives and GMO-based preparations,
  • They do not contain synthetic and chemical protective agents and artificial fertilizers that pollute the environment, land, air, surface and groundwater,
  • They come from a closed production cycle that is in harmony with nature.