About us

Our family company REVA DVA doo has a decades-long leadership experience in the production of planting material, primarily certified and standard fruit seedlings, sprouts and rootstocks (generative and vegetative). (www.revadva.co.rs)

Another of our family company Green corner doo, is somewhat young, but has already pointed out numerous references in the field of greening. (www.greencorner.rs)

Daily contact with nature and recognition of its benefits to human life in general, motivated us to start production of healthy food, i.e., fruits but exclusively according to the principles of organic production.

Our organic plant with 6,600 trees of large sour cherry, a magnificent taste, was erected in 2014 in Vojvodina, more precisely in Čenta, on a surface of 13ha.Represented varieties: 80% of the variety Erdi Botermo - big, sour form, sweet acidic taste - the best for consumption in fresh condition but also excellent for processing and 20% of the variety Šumadinka, a large more acidic.

This is a story about a professional plantation with certified production.

Domestic certificate
International certificate